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Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico Map

There are two ways to get to Hidalgo del Parra from Chihuahua City. One is driving highway 45, south through Jimenez with 191 miles. Two is driving through Saveto 152 miles on highway 16 west. It is a mining, commercial and timber center. Its climate is dry with an altitude of 5,643 feet.

The founding of the city was in 1631 after the discovery of the rich mines of San Jose. Soon, a great number of Spaniards came to this land and constituted a magnificent point to base the organization of religious and arm expeditions further north. The New Vizcaya governors established here from 1640 to 1713. President Benito Juarez also established here the Republic's Capital during the French invassion in 1862.

PARRAL is the only city in the State of Chihuahua where you can find colonial architecture. In front of the main plaza one will see the San Jose temple, a beautiful quarry building. Near the cinema Alcazar still shows the old time beauty. Beginning a walk from the Independence avenue, there is the column that commemorates the Independence. Then there is the Hidalgo Theater which for many years served as the communities cultural center. The most notable religious architecture sample in the city is the temple dedicated to Our Lady of El Rayo, which was constructed in the 17th Century.

The sculpture to the miner is a nice piece created by Asunsolo, it is located on the junction of the Durango and Jimenez highways. Walking down the 20 of November Avenue and Flores Magon, one will get to the San Nicolas temple, which was built in the 17th Century. In its interiors, there is an important exhibit of big oil paintings. On the Guillermo Baca square, there is the statue dedicated to the illusions seeker. On the west side, there is the San Juan de Dios Temple, it was constructed in the 17th Century. Steps ahead, there is the house known as Villa del Grado, a French style construction that once belonged to Pancho Villa and where he was taken right after his death.

The oldest and most outstanding civil construction in Parral is the Casa de Alvarado, also known as the palace of Alvarado. Before the Guanajuato Bridge, one will see the Greense house, which during many years served as a private school. Before one gets to the Juarez Square, one will see an inclined tree, which roots had lifted the walkway. This is the exact site where General Francisco Villa was assassinated in July 1923. The Villa's Museum has a library, photographic and pictorial heap.

While touring Parral you can count on all the necessary services to enjoy your stay. There is an airport, bus depot, railroad station, etc.

JIMENEZ is located 141 miles south of Chihuahua City with an altitude of 4,527 feet. Agricultural and mining center with a dry and hot climate. In 1753, its first authorities where established. Visit the Public Square, the Municipal Palace, and the 19th Century Church. Surrounding the city, there is the Florido River ideal for picnics. A little over 9 miles, the hot springs from Ojo de Dolores offer installations for bathing.

VALLE DE ALLENDE is located 178 miles south of Chihuahua City. This picturesque old village was founded in 1570. It is a true Oasis. Still being a small town, it has agricultural, cattle, and fruit production center, but the abundance of vegetation and the river flowing through the valley make out one of the most beautiful areas in the state.

SANTA BARBARA is the oldest settlement in the State of Chihuahua. Its rich mines allowed the Spanish Conquistadors to consolidate in this territory. It was found by Francisco de Ibarra in 1567, with the name of Santa Barbola. It owns a unique atmosphere, a typical old mining town.

San Jose's Church, Mexico

Alvarado Palace, Mexico

General Francisco Villa's Monument, Mexico

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