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Cuidad Juarez

Ciudad Juarez is a border city located 210 miles north of Chihuahua well connected by three international bridges, a four-line highway, a functional bus station, an International Airport, and a railroad station. Its altitude is 3,674 feet, its climate is extreme with dominant winds from the southeast. Juarez is the most populated city in the state. Its border tourism is decisive for its economic development, Principal attractions are provided by sports and shows like bullfights, horse dog and car races, along with charro festivities, and its famous disco and night clubs.

In April 30, 1598, Juan de Oņate took possession of this land, but until December 8, 1659, Fray Garcia de San Francisco founded a village naming it Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was very important during those days, this northern colony was on the Santa Fe Trail used by pioneers on their way to Independence, Mo.

In was New Mexico's Capital for thirteen years, from 1680 to 1693. The then called Villa del Paso Del Norte became colonized by governor Don Diego de Vargas. In 1835, Governor Calvo established one of the first custom-houses of the country, which was occupied by the force of the General Doniphan on December 27, 1846.

Ciudad Juarez has been important scenario for Mexico's history. In August, 1864, President Benito Juarez stayed in this place to recover to fight the French invaders. Also, in August, but a year later, the Presidency of Mexico was established here. Thanks to the Camino Real, since 1680, Ciudad Juarez has been always well connected to the rest of the country. Through the years, in this city some famous interviews took place, to mention, the one between the Presidents Porfirio Diaz and WIlliam H. Taff. Also, in 1911, the federal troops and the revolution forces signed the ending of the Mexican Revolution.

In February 24, 1964, President Adolfo Lopez Mateos received from President Lyndon B. Johnson the territory known as El Chamizal.

For its historical value and beauty, one recommends to visit the downtown area, the ancient church of the Mission of Guadalupe, and adobe construction erected on 1659 by Fray Garcia de San Francisco and the old plaza from the 18th century, located just in front of the Cathedral. The customs building constructed by end of last century, is also used as military headquarters tot almost all the Revolution Chiefs. The bronze monument dedicated to the Revolution by Ignacio Asunsolo. In the old municipal building, the mural with the history of the foundation of Ciudad Juarez was done by Jose Guadalupe Diaz in the year of 1977. Take a tour to the Chamizal Park and don't miss the Museum of Anthropology and History. The Mercado Juarez, where one will find the fine and beautiful arts and crafts from all over the country, and the monumental bull ring with its enormous sculpture dedicated to the brave fiesta.

12 miles driving to the west on the way to Zaragoza, one will appreciate a petrified forest named El Sauzal, where millions of years ago, the trees were covered by sand converting them to rocks, thanks to the saline actions. Also in the site, in 1969, mammoths fossils were discovered.

Approximately 32 miles south of Juarez on highway 45, there are the Samalayuca dunes. The most admirable of the zone happens when the winds flies cortins of the very white and find sand that, through the sun light, turns to a beautiful gold colored spectacle causing the hills to change from place to place. Samalayca is the most famous desertic zone in the State for its extensions and for the recent discovery of marine fossils. Under the sand hills some archeological vestiges where found. The dune's name "Samalayuca", is of the Nahuati Origin.

Juarez Cathedral

Samalayuca Dunes

Art & History Museum

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