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Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico Map

DELICIAS has the youngest population in the State of Chihuahua. The city is located 52 miles south of Chihuahua City, with an elevation of 3,838 feet. This place is an important agricultural and industrial center. Carlos Blake designed this city founded in 1935.

The city's public clock represents the very center. From here, one can visit the Museum of Paleontology, where a great variety of fossils found in the vicinity are in display.

Between the Conchos and San Pedro Rivers, there are beautiful places like the Junta de Los Rios and El Deflin. Do not miss the Colobri Boat Ride at the Conchos River. Less than 12 miles to the west, the Rosetilla dam gives one the opportunity to fish. 5 miles to the west of town one will get to the village of Rosales where an ancient aqueduct, built last century, give a special touch to the ideal for picnics scenery. Southeast of Delicias, after an 11.8 mile drive, one will get to the Francisco I. Madero dam, also known as Las Virgenes, where boat rental, navigation, and fishing are a possibility. One can find modest restaurants with the best fish soup and fresh fried fish.

MEOQUI is located only 5 miles north of Delicias. This picturesque town, mostly inhabited by agricultures, celebrates every year from June 15th to the 30th, a fair dedicated to San Pedro and San Pablo with horse races, palenques, and popular dances. Visit the San Pedro Temple constructed in the 19th century, along with the ideal sites for picnics. Relax with the beautiful country's views.

CAMARGO is located 97.5 miles south of Chihuahua City on highway 45 south with an altitude of 4,002 feet. It was founded in 1740 by Jose de Moyra y Quiroga, governor of the New Vizcaya. Agricultural, cattle, mining, and textile center. Its climate is hot and dry. While visiting the city, walk around this nice little city with lots of trees and an infant park. 5 miles to the west, one will find the hot springs of Santa Rosalia, with healing qualities, which numerous visitors have found relief from their infirmities.

SAN FRANCISCO DE CONCHOS is located 13 miles to the southwest of Camargo. It is suggested to stop by the San Francisco temple constructed in the 17th century. Its solemn facade consists of two towers and an only window for the chorus, from the inside notice the beamed roof.

Following the same road, one will get to La Boquilla dam, which is one of the most popular places in this vicinity. The dam is formed by the waters from the Conchos River. The dam and the river can be navigated on small boats and sailing ships, one can also practice water skiing. Nearby the warm spring water from Los Filtros with modern sides will make up any kids day.

Los Filtros Thermal Waters, Mexico

Paleontology Museum, Mexico

El Colibri, Mexico

Colina Lake, Mexico

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