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Copper Canyon Circuit (Barrancas De Cobre)

Copper Canyon Map, Mexico

COPPER CANYON. Mexico's Copper Canyon (or Barranca del Cobre) is located in the southern part of the state of Chihuahua. The area actually consists of three connected canyons that are in total deeper and larger than the Grand Canyon in the U.S. The area offers great sightseeing, hiking, and backpacking opportunities. The most famous way to see Copper Canyon is on the Chihuahua - Pacifico Railroad that travels between Chihuahua City and Los Mochis on the Gulf of California. Originally opened in 1961, the line now has a new train with daily departures from both ends.

BASASEACHI is a National Park located 175 miles west of Chihuahua City. The drive on highway 16 is surrounded by great scenery of forest, canyons, cliffs, and streams. Mother nature is amazing with her wonders. This is the site of the two highest waterfalls in the world. Piedra Volada with 1,486 feet and Basaseachi with is over 800 feet. There is a path guiding your descend to the bottom of the Candamena Canyon. Three more view points strategically chosen allows you to admire the spectacle. Modest accommodations and camping are available.

From Basaseachi to San Juanito there are 60.6 miles. A dirt road, in good condition, connect these two locations. From the National Park, about 4 miles on this route, there is a detour that will lead you to Uruachi, an ancient mining town. A little before it, there is the Otachique Valley, a sacred place to the Tarahumara people. A true paradise full of beautiful natural sites and archeological vestiges surrounded by a pine forest where rustic cabins and good hearted people will make your visit more enjoyable.

CREEL is located 154 miles southwest of Chihuahua City. Driving on highway 16, take a left turn in La Junta and left again in San Pedro to get to Creel. It is considered the door way to the Sierra Madre, a picturesque town with an altitude of 7,217 feet with mountain weather. Its economic activities along with tourism are based on sawmills and commerce. Between San Juanito and Creel you will find a detour that will lead you to Sisoguichi, a small town with an ancient Jesuit Mission from the 17th century. Within the are, possibilities for adventure are endless. Right at your hand, there is the magnificent beauty of the forest, lakes and waterfalls, fanciful rock formation, hot springs, and on top of that, the unique culture of the areas native inhabitants, the Tarahumara people.

CUSARARE. Traveling 13 miles southwest of Creel is this small Indian Village where an ancient mission from the 17th century still in use. In the village's store you will ve able to admire and purchase arts and crafts from the creators with magic hands, the Tarahumara. Two and a half miles from the village, you will find a waterfall almost 100 feet wide named also Cusarare. It's worth the walk.

BATOPILAS. 50 miles south of Cusarare there is La Bufa, one of the most spectacular views of the high sierra. From here, you will appreciate in its maximum splendor, the Batopilas gorge and river. From this point, an impressive descent starts about 4,265 feet in distance, less than 22 miles driving down the river, and little ahead on to Batopilas. Its altitude is 1,600 feet. It is an ancient mining town surrounded by tropical vegetation, where the colonial days still being savored. Also recommended is to visit the ancient mission of Satevo, distant only a 6.25 miles from town. Incredible for the area, but World Class lodge services can be prearranged, and modest accommodations are available.

GUACHOCHI is today well connected either by land or air. Finished only a year ago, a paved highway allows to circuit the sierra and connect this part of the state with Parral, distant only 115 miles. Amustdo is the tour to the Sinforosa peak with an altitude of 7,800 feet, distant only 11 miles on a dirt road. The second deepest canyon on this fantastic geological complex is Sinforosa with an altitude of 4,593 feet. Most accommodations are available. DISIADERO (view point) is located 30 miles from Creel. It is the most convenient (from the railroad) place to observe the magnitude of the Copper, Urique, and Tararecua Canyons. There are accommodations available at the very edge of the Canyon with spectacular views.

CEROCAHUI. A picturesque village located about 42 miles from Divisadero. It has an ancient mission adorned with pink carved quarry constructed in 1741. Nearby, the Yeparavo waterfall will delight you. Along the road and in the village accommodations are available.

URIQUE. From Cerocahui, you continue on to a place known as Mesa de Arturo, with an altitude of 7,644 feet. There is a marvelous view point at the Gallego Mountain with one of the best views of the Urique Canyon, the river, and the little mining town. Rustic log cabins for accommodations are available in Mesa de Arturo and a modest hotel in town.

Basaseachi Waterfall

Copper Canyon

Urique River

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